Hypro 8000-0056

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Hypro 8000-0056 Gear Reduction Kit

6:1 gear box for standard 5.5 HP gas engine with 3/4″ shaft. Fits pump models 9910-D30, 9910-D303 and 9910-D403. This kit can also be used with 9910-D50, 9910-D503 and 9910-D813, providing that pumps are operated at lower pressures that do not exceed 5.5 HP gas engine capability.


♦ New and improved bolt-through pinion gear to help prevent keyway fretting and seizing
♦ Engine mounting flange designed for ease of assembly with standard tools
♦ Robust 6:1 gear design for increased longevity
♦ Increased oil capacity reduces service time
♦ Made for use on gas engines with 3/4” shaft including PowerPro™ gas engines
♦ Available pre-assembled to a variety of PowerPro™ engines and Hypro diaphragm pumps

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Weight 8 lbs