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Hypro AVI Series Albuz® Air Inducing Venturi Spray Tips

The Albuz® AVI draws air into the tip and mixes it with the spray to create very coarse droplets that minimize spray drift. The air-filled droplets have a larger footprint on the leaf than similar non-air droplets and hold to the leaf for better control. Durable Albuz® ceramic orifice creates the longest wearing spray tip of its kind.

The AVI 80º air-inducing fan pattern spray tip is ideal for use in directed spray applications and on air-blast sprayers. Research shows AVI spray tips can be used to deliver more spray on target with less loss to airborne drift and to the ground than conventional applications.


♦ Ceramic orifice for extra long life
♦ Ceramic orifice for extra long life and accuracy
♦ Venturi design delivers more spray on-target
♦ Color coded for simple selection
♦ 110º fan model ideal for broadcast spraying
♦ Excellent drift reduction
♦ Large passages resist plugging
♦ Spray angle: 80º or 110º


♦ Wear-resistant Albuz® ceramic orifice
♦ Pressures from 40 to 350 psi
♦ Available as standard tip and as convenient FastCap® for safer handling





Tips 80º
Option Model Description<
A AVI-8001 Orange
B AVI-80015 Green
C AVI-8002 Yellow
D AVI-80025 Lilac
E AVI-8003 Blue
F AVI-8004 Red
Tips 110º
Option Model Description<
G AVI-11001 Orange
H AVI-110015 Green
I AVI-11002 Yellow
J AVI-110025 Lilac
K AVI-11003 Blue
L AVI-11004 Red
M AVI-11005 Brown
N AVI-11006 Grey
O AVI-11008 White
P AVI-11010 Black
FastCaps 110º
Option Model Description<
Q FC-AVI-11001 Orange
R FC-AVI-110015 Green
S FC-AVI-11002 Yellow
T FC-AVI-110025 Lilac
U FC-AVI-11003 Blue
V FC-AVI-11004 Red
W FC-AVI-11005 Brown
X FC-AVI-11006 Grey
Y FC-AVI-11008 White
Z FC-AVI-11010 Black

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