Hypro FanJet 1/4 NPT Series: 15 to 50

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Product Description

Hypro FanJet 1/4 NPT Series Flat Fan PVDF Nozzle Sizes 15 to 50

The FanJet regulates flow and is available with patterns from 0 to 110 degrees. Precision-molded in Solef® polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) for excellent resistance to acids and many common chemicals.


♦ Precision molded orifice provides accurate and consistent spray
♦ Widely used 1/8″ and 1/4″ NPT connections
♦ Dozens of standard flow and fan angle options to fit application requirements


♦ Color coded by flow rate to simplify nozzle installation and replacement
♦ Chemically resistant Solef® Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF) polymer
♦ Ideal for low pressure rinsing, washing, or coating applications
♦ Excellent wear resistance





Option Model Nozzle
A 90A2CM15E00 15 Blue
B 90A2CM15E15 15 15º Blue
C 90A2CM15E25 15 25º Blue
D 90A2CM15E40 15 40º Blue
E 90A2CM15E65 15 65º Blue
F 90A2CM15E80 15 80º Blue
G 90A2CM20E00 20 Blue
H 90A2CM20E15 20 15º Blue
I 90A2CM20E25 20 25º Blue
J 90A2CM20E40 20 40º Blue
K 90A2CM20E65 20 65º Blue
L 90A2CM20E80 20 80º Blue
M 90A2CM30E00 30 Blue
N 90A2CM30E110 30 110º Blue
O 90A2CM30E15 30 15º Blue
P 90A2CM30E25 30 25º Blue
Q 90A2CM30E40 30 40º Blue
R 90A2CM30E65 30 65º Blue
S 90A2CM30E80 30 80º Blue
T 90A2CM40E40 40 40º Blue
U 90A2CM40E65 40 65º Blue
V 90A2CM40E80 40 80º Blue
W 90A2CM50E25 50 25º Blue
X 90A2CM50E65 50 65º Blue


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