Hypro HP1/4 Series


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Product Description

Hypro HP1/4 Series High Pressure Stainless Steel Nozzles

Constructed from precision machined and hardened stainless steel, the HP is ideal for high pressure cleaning applications, including car wash and rinse. They provide a high impact spray with an efficient and uniform distribution to reduce operating cost and increase cleaning ability.


♦ Achieves up to 16%* greater impact than competitive high pressure nozzles, making them the best value on the market today
♦ Hardened 416 stainless steel, the industry standard for long-life
♦ Reliable performance in high pressure applications up to 4000 psi
♦ High impact spray in a tightly formed fan pattern has minimum energy loss
♦ Consistent, even distribution provides uniform cleaning without overlapping


♦ Protected outlet design guards the orifice during installation and use
♦ Versatile 1/4” and 1/8” NPT connections suit a variety of applications
♦ Variety of flows and angles available to meet a wide range of needs
♦ Improved marking for easy identification and replacement
♦ Available spray angles: 0º, 5º, 15º, 25º, 40º
♦ *Commissioned with an independent tester




Option Model Available
Spray Nozzle
A HP1/4-0002 02
B HP1/4-0003 03
C HP1/4-00035 035
D HP1/4-0004 04
E HP1/4-00045 045
F HP1/4-0005 05
G HP1/4-00055 055
H HP1/4-0006 06
I HP1/4-00065 065
J HP1/4-0007 07
K HP1/4-00075 075
L HP1/4-0008 08
M HP1/4-0504 04
N HP1/4-05055 055
O HP1/4-0508 08
P HP1/4-0509 09
Q HP1/4-1502 15º 02
R HP1/4-1503 15º 03
W HP1/4-15035 15º 035
T HP1/4-1504 15º 04
U HP1/4-15045 15º 045
V HP1/4-1505 15º 05
W HP1/4-15055 15º 055
X HP1/4-1506 15º 06
Y HP1/4-15065 15º 065
Z HP1/4-1507 15º 07
AA HP1/4-15075 15º 075
AB HP1/4-1508 15º 08
AC HP1/4-1512 15º 12
AD HP1/4-1515 15º 15
AE HP1/4-2502 25º 02
AF HP1/4-2503 25º 03
AG HP1/4-25035 25º 035
AH HP1/4-2504 25º 04
AI HP1/4-25045 25º 045
AJ HP1/4-2505 25º 05
AK HP1/4-25055 25º 055
AL HP1/4-2506 25º 06
AM HP1/4-25065 25º 066
AN HP1/4-2507 25º 07
AO HP1/4-25075 25º 075
AP HP1/4-2508 25º 08
AQ HP1/4-4002 40º 02
AR HP1/4-4003 40º 03
AS HP1/4-40035 40º 035
AT HP1/4-4004 40º 04
AU HP1/4-40045 40º 04
AV HP1/4-4005 40º 04
AW HP1/4-40055 40º 04
AX HP1/4-4006 40º 06
AY HP1/4-40065 40º 065
AZ HP1/4-4007 40º 07
BA HP1/4-40075 40º 075
BB HP1/4-4008 40º 08
BC HP1/4-5003 50º 03
BD HP1/4-5005 50º 05
BE HP1/4-8003 80º 03


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