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Hypro TUR Series Sudden Impact® Rotating/Turbo Nozzles

The Sudden Impact® series of rotating/turbo nozzles are the only rotating nozzles on the market designed and developed specifically for the car wash market.

Designed to last up to five times longer than other rotating nozzles, you are sure to achieve optimal cleaning efficiency and unmatched durability during each wash with Sudden Impact rotating nozzles.

24° brass nozzles now available in BSP-style connection (sizes 2.0, 3.5, 4.5) for use in Mark VII® washes.


♦ Provides a high impact, controlled rotation 0° water stream with much greater impact and cleaning efficiency than other nozzles which reduces wash time and increases through-put
♦ Lasts up to five times longer than other rotating nozzles on the market reducing operating costs over the life of the car wash
♦ Improved cleaning efficiency over other rotating nozzles reduces water consumption by up to 25%
♦ Maximum temperature: 180° F
♦ NPT connections standard except where designated BSP


♦ Tungsten carbide seat and nozzle offer unmatched wear and shatter resistance over ceramic material commonly utilized in other nozzles
♦ High strength, forged housing available in economical brass or corrosion-resistant 304 stainless steel
♦ Elastomer cover protects vehicles and nozzles
♦ Precision-machined bearing in rotor offers very high wear resistance and optimal impact
♦ Available with 24° pattern for maximum impact or 30° pattern for extra coverage
♦ BSP style connection available in 24° brass (sizes 2.0, 3.5 and 4.5) for use in Mark VII washes






Option Model Angle Material Nozzle
A TUR324B-2.0 24º Brass 2.0
B TUR324B-2.0BSP 24º Brass 2.0
C TUR324B-3.0 24º Brass 3.0
D TUR324B-3.5 24º Brass 3.5
E TUR324B-3.5BSP 24º Brass 3.5
F TUR324B-4.0 24º Brass 4.0
G TUR324B-4.5 24º Brass 4.5
H TUR324B-4.5BSP 24º Brass 4.5
I TUR324B-5.0 24º Brass 5.0
J TUR324B-5.5 24º Brass 5.5
K TUR324B-6.0 24º Brass 6.0
L TUR324S-2.0 24º Stainless 2.0
M TUR324S-3.0 24º Stainless 3.0
N TUR324S-3.5 24º Stainless 3.5
O TUR324S-4.0 24º Stainless 4.0
P TUR324S-4.5 24º Stainless 4.5
Q TUR324S-45BSP 24º Stainless 4.5
R TUR324S-5.0 24º Stainless 5.0
S TUR324S-5.5 24º Stainless 5.5
T TUR324S-6.0 24º Stainless 6.0
U TUR330B-2.0 30º Brass 2.0
V TUR330B-3.0 30º Brass 3.0
W TUR330B-3.5 30º Brass 3.5
X TUR330B-4.0 30º Brass 4.0
Y TUR330B-4.5 30º Brass 4.5
Z TUR330B-5.0 30º Brass 5.0
AA TUR330B-5.5 30º Brass 5.5
AB TUR330B-6.0 30º Brass 6.0
AC TUR330S-2.0 30º Stainless 2.0
AD TUR330S-3.0 30º Stainless 3.0
AE TUR330S-3.5 30º Stainless 3.5
AF TUR330S-4.0 30º Stainless 4.0
AG TUR330S-4.5 30º Stainless 4.5
AH TUR330S-5.0 30º Stainless 5.0
AI TUR330S-5.5 30º Stainless 5.5
AJ TUR330S-6.0 30º Stainless 6.0

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