Hypro UAS Series

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Product Description

Hypro UAS Series High Pressure Ceramic Spray Nozzles

The high pressure line of UAS AlbuzTec ceramic nozzles are available in 304 stainless steel material and achieve pressures up to 5000 psi. UAS Nozzles are made with premium-quality ceramic orifices mounted in stainless steel carriers. They offer extended operating life and precise spraying, while reducing operating and maintenance costs.


♦ Ceramic inserts provide up to 10 times the life of stainless steel, maximizing your return on investment and decreasing downtime for nozzle replacement
♦ Extra long life ceramic orifice is nearly diamond-hard to resist wear
♦ Molded ceramic virtually eliminates chemical and mineral buildup in the orifice area
♦ Wear characteristics make the UAS nozzle ideal for reclaim systems


♦ The U-shaped outlet provides a high-impact spray without additional inserts
♦ Wedge-shaped orifice insert seats tightly as spray pressures increase
♦ Precision-machined stainless steel carriers resist corrosion and damage
♦ High quality components easily withstand wash pressures of 800 to 5000 psi
♦ 1/4” NPT connection provides versatility in a variety of applications
♦ Permanent laser-etched part number markings ease identification




Option Model Spray
A UAS1/4-00-015 015
B UAS1/4-00-02 02
C UAS1/4-00-025 025
D UAS1/4-00-03 03
E UAS1/4-00-035 035
F UAS1/4-00-04 04
G UAS1/4-00-045 045
H UAS1/4-00-05 05
I UAS1/4-00-055 055
J UAS1/4-00-06 06
K UAS1/4-00-065 065
L UAS1/4-00-07 07
M UAS1/4-00-08 09
N UAS1/4-00-09 08
O UAS1/4-00-10 10
P UAS1/4-00-12 12
Q UAS1/4-15-01 15º 01
R UAS1/4-15-015 15º 015
S UAS1/4-15-02 15º 02
T UAS1/4-15-025 15º 025
U UAS1/4-15-03 15º 03
V UAS1/4-15-035 15º 035
W UAS1/4-15-04 15º 04
X UAS1/4-15-045 15º 045
Y UAS1/4-15-05 15º 05
Z UAS1/4-15-055 15º 055
AA UAS1/4-15-06 15º 06
AB UAS1/4-15-065 15º 065
AC UAS1/4-15-07 15º 07
AD UAS1/4-15-08 15º 08
AE UAS1/4-15-09 15º 09
AF UAS1/4-15-10 15º 10
AG UAS1/4-15-12 15º 12
AH UAS1/4-25-01 25º 01
AI UAS1/4-25-015 25º 015
AJ UAS1/4-25-02 25º 02
AK UAS1/4-25-025 25º 025
AL UAS1/4-25-03 25º 03
AM UAS1/4-25-035 25º 035
AN UAS1/4-25-04 25º 04
AO UAS1/4-25-045 25º 045
AP UAS1/4-25-05 25º 05
AQ UAS1/4-25-055 25º 055
AR UAS1/4-25-06 25º 06
AS UAS1/4-25-065 25º 065
AT UAS1/4-25-07 25º 07
AU UAS1/4-25-08 25º 08
AV UAS1/4-25-09 25º 09
AW UAS1/4-25-10 25º 10
AX UAS1/4-25-12 25º 12
AY UAS1/4-40-015 40º 015
AZ UAS1/4-40-02 40º 02
BA UAS1/4-40-025 40º 025
BB UAS1/4-40-03 40º 03
BC UAS1/4-40-035 40º 035
BD UAS1/4-40-04 40º 04
BE UAS1/4-40-045 40º 045
BF UAS1/4-40-05 40º 05
BG UAS1/4-40-055 40º 055
BH UAS1/4-40-06 40º 06
BI UAS1/4-40-065 40º 065
BJ UAS1/4-40-07 40º 07
BK UAS1/4-40-08 40º 08
BL UAS1/4-40-09 40º 09
BM UAS1/4-40-10 40º 10
BN UAS1/4-40-12 40º 12


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