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Product Description

Hypro VP80 & VP110 Series Variable Pressure™ Spray Tips

The VP – Variable Pressure range of tips are able to maintain a constant spray angle over a wide pressure range down to 15 PSI – making this product ideal for use with automatic rate controllers.


♦ Excellent spray distribution over 15 – 70 PSI pressure range
♦ Ideal for sprayers fitted with automatic rate controllers
♦ Adjustable droplet size according to pressure
♦ Manages drift when used at low pressures and gives excellent coverage at higher pressures
♦ Wide droplet profile increases the chances of widening the spray window


♦ ISO standard colors and sizing ensure that the VP fits all standard caps and TwinCap
♦ Precision-molded in tough and durable polyacetal
♦ Available as standard tip and as a convenient FastCap® for safer handling





Tips 80º  –
Option Model Description
A VP80-015 Green
B VP80-02 Yellow
C VP80-03 Blue
D VP80-04 Red
E VP80-05 Brown
F VP80-06 Grey
Tips 110º –
G VP110-015 Green
H VP110-02 Yellow
I VP110-025 Lilac
J VP110-03 Blue
K VP110-04 Red
L VP110-05 Brown
M VP110-06 Grey
N VP110-08 White
O VP110-10 Lt Blue
P VP110-15 Lt Green
FastCaps 80º –
Option Model Description
Q FC-VP80-015 Green
R FC-VP80-02 Yellow
S FC-VP80-03 Blue
T FC-VP80-04 Red
U FC-VP80-05 Brown
V FC-VP80-06 Grey
FastCaps 110º –
W FC-VP110-015 Green
X FC-VP110-02 Yellow
Y FC-VP110-025 Lilac
Z FC-VP110-03 Blue
AA FC-VP110-04 Red
AB FC-VP110-05 Brown
AC FC-VP110-06 Grey
AD FC-VP110-08 White
AE FC-VP110-10 Lt Blue
AF FC-VP110-15 Lt Green


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