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The most trusted name in spray products and application control systems.

Florida Sprayers is a major supplier of the complete line of TeeJet products to a wide variety of industries including golf course, agricultural, nursery, pest control and lawn spray industries. We have a large stock ready for immediate shipment, and you can call upon our years of experience if you need assistance in choosing what will best fit your application needs.

About TeeJet Technologies

TeeJet Technologies introduced the very first spray nozzles designed for agricultural use in the 1940s and has been the leader in spray products and accessories ever since. They were also among the first to introduce electronic controls to the agricultural market in the mid-1980s and have an established leadership position in the precision farming market as well. Growers around the world depend on TeeJet Technologies for a wide range of products ranging from spray tips, boom components and valves to guidance, auto-steer and rate control systems.


Florida Sprayer’s pricing will pleasantly surprise you. We offer a 40% discount across the entire TeeJet line.  Not only that, but if you have a substantial order, we may be able to negotiate, on your behalf, a bit more of a discount with TeeJet.  We and TeeJet want you to have the most cost-effective and efficient system for your budget.  Our goal is to help you to be even more successful.

We are adding most of the TeeJet product line on our web site.  If you know the part number for the item you need, enter it into the search box on the right end of the menu bar.  If the part is not found, please  contact us for pricing and information.

TeeJet products break down into the broad categories listed below.  By clicking on any one of them, you will be taken to that section of our website.

Spray Products

Precision Farming Products and TeeJet Electronics


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When companies in the pest control, residential lawn care, and golf course maintenance industries need spray equipment from a company they can trust, they turn to Florida Sprayers, a company that has served the spraying industry since 1985. The expertise we’ve gained over the years means we can help your company find the right spray systems and equipment to ensure your crews operate as efficiently as possible. Because we only recommend masterfully constructed sprayer parts from reputable manufacturers, you can rest assured that your investment will be well protected. Plus, every member of our team is certified by Hypro and many have received special training from Honda, so you can be confident that the maintenance and repair of your spraying systems is in good hands.