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Reasons Your Customers Should Avoid Do-It-Yourself Pest Control

man spraying a plantation with pesticideYou may have been faced with a potential customer that was tempted to take action themselves to rid their home of pests. Whether he or she is hoping to save money or simply ambitious, professionals know that pest control can become dangerous when someone who is inexperienced takes it into their own hands. Here are some important points to discuss with a customer if they insist on taking on their own pest control management.

Health Risks
Whether it’s in the form of professional pest control spray equipment or a spray can from the store, pest control often utilizes chemicals that involve potential health risks. This is something to especially consider if there are children or pets in the home. Professionals also have the safety gear necessary to ensure protection from pests that sting.

Environmental Risks
Many DIY pest control chemicals have the potential to contaminate the ground and air around the customer’s home if not used properly. Most municipalities also have strict rules against using chemicals on certain pests that an amateur would be unaware of.

Unreliability of Home Methods
While there are numerous home remedies out there for pest control, and some may work on occasion, their effectiveness is often short-lived. Troubleshooting different at-home methods can be a waste of energy, time and money. Remind the customer of the inconveniences they can avoid by relying on your team of experts to get the job done right the first time.

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How to Handle Negative Reviews

woman typing on laptopNo one likes to receive a negative review about their business, especially those who are doing everything possible to provide quality service. However, the occasional negative review is almost inevitable, and it’s how they are handled that really matters to most customers. Here are some tips on what to do when a customer tries to taint your online reputation.

Respond Quickly
Make it a part of your customer service team’s tasks to monitor all new comments and reviews daily to avoid them going unnoticed. Always respond to a negative review, and while doing so, be sure to let the customer know that they are being heard and apologize for their inconvenience. Keep in mind that future and other current customers can see these reviews, so it’s important to maintain professionalism while responding.

Make it Right
Perhaps you can agree to perform a free service or refund the money the reviewer spent with your company. By making them feel validated, you may be able to get the customer to re-evaluate their review or provide a follow up with the resolution of the issue. When others see that you truly care about your customers’ concerns, they will be more inclined to choose your company for services in the future.

Actually Address the Issue
It’s rare that a customer will take the time to leave a poor review for no reason. Evaluate the reasons for the negative review, and use them to address possible internal issues and seek improvements.

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How to Deal With Upset Customers – Part 2

In our previous blog post, we discussed some general ways in which you can address upset, unsatisfied, and irate customers at your company. While it would make most jobs easier if there were only two ways to resolve a scenario with an angry customer, there are a few other things that you need to do to make sure the issue is settled. Here are a few different ways in which you can help to make an unhappy customer feel at ease, and hopefully turn them into someone who will return to your business for years to come.

Do not take it personally – During a moment of tension with an unsatisfied customer, it is easy to take the harsh words they are saying personally, especially if you are your business’ owner and operator. While your first reaction might be to snap back at the customer’s negative feedback, it is important that you do not take what they are saying to heart. It can be easy for someone to say something rotten over the phone, through an email, or even in person about your services, but they are most likely frustrated with the situation’s outcome and not you as a person. Try not to internalize their comments, but still do your best to address the concerns they might have about the work you have done.

Be conscious of your tone, body language, and facial expressions – When you are confronting an angry customer, regardless if you are doing so via phone, social media, or face-to-face, make sure you are aware of how you are coming across. From the tone of your voice or writing to the reactions your face is showing as they are explaining their problem, make sure you keep it in check. Even if the conversation is happening virtually, it is vital to make sure that you are coming across to the customer as sympathetic, understanding, and willing to help them fix their problem.

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How to Deal With Upset Customers – Part 1

Unfortunately, you will eventually deal with an unhappy customer at your lawn service, pest control, or golf course management company. It is not commercial lawn sprayer equipmentalways easy to smooth over a disgruntled client, but with the right tips, management resources, and customer service training, you can turn them into a returning customer. Here are just a few ways in which you can deal with an upset customer so that their situation is handled correctly, with attention to detail, and with empathy.

Above all, make sure to listen – A big mistake that service technicians, retail store workers, or people in other customer service industries make is not listening fully to the customer’s problem. Actively paying attention to what they are saying and thinking about it critically is not easy when they are visibly upset or irate, but it is something that you should do when trying to resolve their issue. Try not to interrupt them when they are speaking, let them finish their thought, and allow yourself to be present enough to listen to why they feel the way that they do so you can do what you can to help fix their scenario.

Empathize – Have you ever had someone do a job for you, and it either was not up to your standards or was not what you thought you were receiving? Trying thinking about that situation you were in and the feelings you felt when dealing with an upset customer at your business. Thinking about how frustrated they must feel, regardless of what was or was not done, helps you to empathize with their situation. It is not the simplest thing to do, especially in the moment, but can go a long way when trying to address the issue at hand.

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What Pests Spring Brings to Florida

With the warmer weather finally here, it also means that springtime pests have made their way into Florida homes and lawns. Unfortunately, there commercial pest control sprayersare times when your job as a pest control professional becomes challenging because you cannot identify these pests and get rid of them. Luckily, we are here to help at Florida Sprayers Inc., so here are a few that make their way to Florida during the spring months.

Chinch bugs – If there is one thing that eats up a Florida lawn quicker than any livestock ever could, it is Chinch bugs. These tiny pests find their way into yards across the south during the spring and summer months and cause massive, brown patches in lawns.

Termites – Unfortunately, warmer weather means that termites are thriving. These home-eating bugs are incredibly damaging to a building’s structure and often do the most damage during the spring.

Rodents – Even though the winter is usually the worst for this pest, rodents also find their way into homes during the fickle spring weather. Mice, rats, and squirrels seek out warmth, so if it is an unusually wet or cold spring day, keep an eye out for these critters.

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Welcome to Florida Sprayer’s Blog

Welcome to Florida Sprayers Inc.’s blog! Here we will discuss what is happening with us as a business, as well as any promotions, events, or any other big news in our company. Additionally, we will also highlight some troubleshooting topics for your spraying equipment, as well as any articles, resources, or tips that help to make your job easier. If it has to do with pest control equipment or the industry ipest control truck equipmenttself, we want to make sure our readers and customers know about it.

For almost 30 years, the team at Florida Sprayers Inc. has remained the experts for all things related to commercial pest control equipment. From nozzles to pump sprayer parts, our staff at Florida Sprayers Inc. is here to assist you with finding the right parts for your equipment. With all of our team members being certified by Hypro, you can trust that we have the expertise, knowledge, training, and experience to help you locate what you need for your sprayer.

Keep checking back to our blog for more information about our pest control truck equipment, sprayer parts, and more. If you are looking additional details on any of our equipment, parts, or business hours, please feel free to reach out to us today at (800) 771-5480.