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How to Deal With Upset Customers – Part 1

Unfortunately, you will eventually deal with an unhappy customer at your lawn service, pest control, or golf course management company. It is not commercial lawn sprayer equipmentalways easy to smooth over a disgruntled client, but with the right tips, management resources, and customer service training, you can turn them into a returning customer. Here are just a few ways in which you can deal with an upset customer so that their situation is handled correctly, with attention to detail, and with empathy.

Above all, make sure to listen – A big mistake that service technicians, retail store workers, or people in other customer service industries make is not listening fully to the customer’s problem. Actively paying attention to what they are saying and thinking about it critically is not easy when they are visibly upset or irate, but it is something that you should do when trying to resolve their issue. Try not to interrupt them when they are speaking, let them finish their thought, and allow yourself to be present enough to listen to why they feel the way that they do so you can do what you can to help fix their scenario.

Empathize – Have you ever had someone do a job for you, and it either was not up to your standards or was not what you thought you were receiving? Trying thinking about that situation you were in and the feelings you felt when dealing with an upset customer at your business. Thinking about how frustrated they must feel, regardless of what was or was not done, helps you to empathize with their situation. It is not the simplest thing to do, especially in the moment, but can go a long way when trying to address the issue at hand.

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