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Based out of Florida, Airofog, embraces a broad category including manufacturing the highest quality equipment for public health, vector control, agriculture, T/O, nursery, and animal health. Airofog USA is an R&D company with more than 30+ years of global experience in the specialty industry with capabilities in the USA, Germany and many European countries offering a comprehensive range of professional equipment.

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The Patent AE9 are unique in the patent process of minimum length solution mixture line meets fog where the temperature of 100F so no chemical burnoff. Airofog thermal foggers are independently evaluated as compliant with EC council Directive 2004-108/EC electromagnetic compatibility. As well they are certified by the internally recognized test center to be fully compliant with all requirement.

• Max Flow rate 11 gallons per hour.
• No spark plug or carburetor.
• 1/2 gallon fuel consumption per hour
• Perfect for oil or water based products.
• 1.5 gallon solution tank
• Perfect size tube, no product loss due to flash off
• Improved lower temperature system for increased effectiveness and overall safety
• Can use with insecticides, deodorizers, acids, fungicides and many others not mentioned

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