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Hypro D252 Series Pump

The 9910-D252 series 2 diaphragm, anodized aluminum pumps achieve up to 6 GPM (22.7 LPM) and 290 PSI (20 bar). This series includes models 9910-D252, 9910-D252GRGI & 9910-D252GRGI58.

Hypro medium pressure diaphragm pumps are recommended for spraying herbicides, pesticides, liquid fertilizers, and many other hard-to-handle fluids. Low-cost maintenance and almost wear-free operation make these pumps ideal for a wide variety of spraying jobs.

Pressure and output are designed for optimum performance of small to medium-sized sprayers. Hypro medium pressure diaphragm pumps can be adapted for male 1-3/8″ splined shaft, female 1-3/8″ splined shaft, 1″ solid shaft, or gear reduction drive options. Pumps include a pulsation dampener.

Performance Information:

♦ Max. flow: 6 GPM/22.7 LPM
♦ Max. pressure: 290 PSI/20 bar
♦ Max. rated speed: 650 RPM (D252); 3600 RPM (D252GRGI, D252GRGIAP and D252GRGI58)
♦ Max. fluid temperature: 140°F/60°C


♦ Port sizes: 3⁄4″ HB inlet, 1⁄2″ NPT outlet (D252); 3⁄8″ HB outlet (all gear reduction models)
♦ Shaft (D252 – $486.00): 3⁄4″ solid keyed
♦ Shaft (D252GRGI): 3⁄4″ hollow shaft with gear reduction for 2 to 3-1/2 hp gasoline engine
♦ Shaft (D252GRGI58): 5⁄8″ hollow shaft with gear reduction for 2 to 3-1/2 hp gasoline engine
♦ Shaft (D252GRGIAP): 3/4″ hollow shaft with a 5⁄8″ output shaft and gear reduction for 3 HP gasoline engine
♦ Housing: anodized aluminum
♦ Diaphragms: 2, semi-hydraulic
♦ Mounting base included
♦ Crankcase Oil Capacity: 13 oz.
♦ Weight: 12 lbs./5.4 kg (D252); 14 lbs./6.4 kg (all gear reduction models)



Option Model
A D252
C D252GRGI58

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Weight 14 lbs

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