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Product Description

Hypro 4001 Cast Iron, Ni-Resist or Silver Series 4 Roller Pump

Hypro roller pumps are designed for agricultural and industrial spraying and transfer of a variety of fluids. These include insecticides, herbicides, emulsives, aromatic solvents, liquid fertilizers and many other liquids. The economical rotary-action roller principle requires no check valves while providing positive displacement characteristics with less friction and lower starting torque than other pumps.

Construction features include a cast-iron body and rotor, and 416 stainless steel shaft, sealed factory-lubricated ball bearings, and cartridge-type lip seals of Viton or Buna-N. Super Rollers, which feature the life of polypropylene and the chemical resistance of nylon, are also standard. Rotation for the 4001 series is clockwise for easy adaption to electric motors and gas engines. Pumps are available in reverse rotation.

The 4001 series, 4 roller, pump achieves up to 9.1 gpm  (34.4 lpm)  and 150 psi (10.3 bar).  The series includes models 4001C, 4001N, and 4001XL.

Performance Information


♦ Max. flow: 9.1 gpm/34.4 lpm at 1800 rpm
♦ Max. pressure: Continuous 100 psi/6.9 bar, Intermittent 150 psi/10.3 bar
♦ Max. rated speed: 1800 rpm
♦ Max. fluid temperature: 140°F/60°C

Housing and Rotor Material Options

♦ Cast Iron housing and rotor are intended for use in common agricultural spraying applications – compatible with most insect, pest, brush and weed control chemicals. Cast Iron pumps lasted to 140 hours before failure.
♦ Ni-Resist housing and rotor provide improved corrosion resistance over cast iron models – compatible with all of the above, PLUS fumigants, powdered and liquid fertilizers. Ni-Resist pumps lasted to 332 hours before failure.
♦ Silver Series XL housing and rotor provide the best corrosion resistance and are ready for use with Roundup® – compatible with all of the above, PLUS glyphosates and acids. Silver Series XL pumps ran over 1000 hours and still met new pump specs!

Other Attributes

♦ Super Rollers™ provide the chemical resistance of polypropylene and the life of nylon (Poly, Teflon and Buna-N rollers available)
♦ Viton® seals provide the best overall chemical resistance (Buna-N seals available)
♦ Clockwise shaft rotation directly couples to gas engines (Counter-clockwise available for PTO adaption)
♦ 5/8″ solid stainless steel shaft for corrosion resistance (1/2″ hollow shaft available)
♦ 3/4″ NPT ports fit most existing sprayer plumbing systems
♦ Shaft adapters/couplers are available
♦ Special torque arm and base kit is available for gas engines


♦ “T2” indicates Teflon rollers
♦ “T3” indicates polypropylene rollers
♦ “R” indicates reverse rotation for PTO option
♦ “C” indicates cast iron. (Cast Iron pumps lasted to 140 hours before failure.)
♦ “N” indicates Ni-resist. (Ni-Resist pumps lasted to 332 hours before failure.)
♦ “XL” indicates Silver (Silver Series XL pumps ran over 1000 hours and still met new pump specs!)
♦ “E” indicates with 12 volt electric motor
♦ 5/8″ solid shaft standard
♦ “H” indicates 1/2″ hollow shaft
♦ Shaft adapters/couplers are available

Option Model
A 4001C
B 4001C-H
C 4001C-HT3
D 4001C-R
E 4001C-RT2
F 4001C-RT3
G 4001C-T2
H 4001C-T3
I 4001N
J 4001N-E2H
K 4001N-E2HT3
L 4001N-EH
M 4001N-EHT2
N 4001N-EHT3
O 4001N-H
P 4001N-HT2
Q 4001N-HT3
R 4001N-R
S 4001N-RT2
T 4001N-RT3
U 4001N-T2
V 4001N-T3
W 4001XL
X 4001XL-E2H
Y 4001XL-E2HT2
Z 4001XL-EH
AA 4001XL-EHT2
AB 4001XL-EHT3
AC 4001XL-H
AD 4001XL-HT2
AE 4001XL-HT3
AF 4001XL-R
AG 4001XL-RT2
AH 4001XL-RT3
AI 4001XL-T2
AJ 4001XL-T3
Hypro 4001C Series Roller Pump


Hypro 4001 Electric Series Roller Pump


Hypro 4001XL 4 Roller Pump


Additional Information

Weight 5 lbs

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