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TeeJet GunJet AA143 Series

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$109.34 $71.07
$109.34 $71.07
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Product Description

TeeJet GunJet AA143 Series

For spot spraying, tree spraying, livestock spraying and power washing at pressures from 30 to 800 PSI.


TeeJet-AA2-StreamTo operate spray gun, handle is rotated 360° from shutoff to maximum flow position. As handle is turned, spray changes from initial cone spray through intermediate cone spray to straight stream. Spray tips are interchangeable orifice discs made of corrosion- and erosion-resistant stainless steel.

Specifications:TeeJet-AA143-chart (Duplicate) (Duplicate) (Duplicate)

♦ Overall length 22¼”
♦ Weight 1¼ pounds
♦ Only available in aluminum
♦ Inlets are available with ¾” or GH (Garden Hose) female threads




A – AA143-AL-3/4-6
B – AA143-AL-GH-10
C – AA143-AL-GH-12
D – AA143-AL-GH-2
E – AA143-AL-GH-3
F – AA143-AL-GH-4
G – AA143-AL-GH-5
H – AA143-AL-GH-6
I – AA143-AL-GH-8

Additional Information

Weight 1.25 lbs

Option A, Option B, Option C, Option D, Option E, Option F, Option G, Option H, Option I