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DCER-7 Series


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Product Description

D*-7 Ceramic Orifice Disc

Typical Applications:

For spraying pesticides at higher pressures and flow rates. Especially suitable for wettable powders and other abrasive chemicals. Larger capacity nozzles are also used in air blast sprayers.


♦ Produce smaller droplets for thorough coverage with contact pesticides and foliar applications.
♦ Maximum spray pressure to 300 PSI (20 bar).

Orifice Discs

Available in a variety of sizes and materials. Ceramic for increased wear life, hardened stainless steel, stainless steel and polymer.


♦ D7 — Hardened Stainless Steel (-STD)
♦ DCER-7 — Ceramic (-CER)
♦ DVP-7 — Brown Polymer (DVP)

NOTE: Slotted strainer number 4514-32 equivalent to 16 mesh screen size is required.

Additional Information

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