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Based out of Florida, Airofog, embraces a broad category including manufacturing the highest quality equipment for public health, vector control, agriculture, T/O, nursery, and animal health. Airofog USA is an R&D company with more than 30+ years of global experience in the specialty industry with capabilities in the USA, Germany and many European countries offering a comprehensive range of professional equipment.

More Info Section
Airofog sub-slab injector TERMI-Tool is a professional injector delivering liquid termiticides accurately and efficiently through slab into soil, block and concrete. It comes complete with a variety of tips for application to different structures and materials.

• Quick Connect
• Splash Plate
• Heavy Duty Stainless Steel making the rod less likely to bend or break.
• Optional Flow Meter
• Dual-Coupling sizes for different external attachments
• Built-in dripfree check valve for void tips

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