FloodJet 1/4K-4 Series

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$23.06 $14.99
$23.06 $14.99

Product Description

TeeJet FloodJet 1/4K-4

The revolutionary FloodJet nozzle combines the precision and uniformity of a flat spray nozzle with the clog-resistance and wide angle pattern of flooding nozzles. It uses an exclusive new design to increase droplet size and distribution uniformity.


♦ Patented turbulence chamber creates a dramatic improvement in pattern uniformity.
♦ Pre-orifice design produces larger droplets for reduced drift.
♦ Large, round orifice reduces clogging.
♦ Grooved side molding for automatic alignment.


♦ 1/4K-4 (STD – Brass)
♦ 1/4K-SS4 (SS – Stainless Steel)

Note: Always double check your application rates. Tabulations are based on spraying water at 70°F (21°C)

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