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Product Description

Hypro AXI Series Albuz® Wide Pressure Range Spray Tips

The Albuz® AXI wide pressure range ceramic spray tip is the choice for delivering sprays that achieve maximum coverage. Wide pressure range tips are suited for creating numerous fine to medium droplets, meaning there are more droplets available to cover the target. The ceramic orifice of the AXI will provide long service life even when spraying abrasive chemicals.


♦ Adjustable droplet size according to pressure
♦ Maintains good spray distribution and makes larger droplets at low pressures
♦ FastCap® includes tip, cap and gasket
♦ 80º fan models ideal for use in directed spray applications


♦ Wear-resistant Albuz® ceramic orifice
♦ Available as standard tip and as a convenient FastCap® for safer handling




Click HERE for 22W11MF64 replacement cap gasket.
♦ “FC-” designates FastCap

Tips 80º  –  $[php snippet=22 param=”var1=AXI-8002″] each
Option Model Description
A AXI-80015 Green
B AXI-8002 Yellow
C AXI-8003 Blue
D AXI-8004 Red
E AXI-8005 Brown
F AXI-8006 Grey
FastCaps 80º  –  $[php snippet=22 param=”var1=FC-AXI-80015″] each
G FC-AXI-80015 Green
H FC-AXI-8002 Yellow
I FC-AXI-8003 Blue
J FC-AXI-8004 Red
K FC-AXI-8005 Brown
L FC-AXI-8006 Grey
Tips 110º  –  $[php snippet=22 param=”var1=AXI-11002″] each
Option Model Description
M AXI-110015 Green
N AXI-11002 Yellow
O AXI-110025 Lilac
P AXI-11003 Blue
Q AXI-11004 Red
R AXI-11005 Brown
S AXI-11006 Grey
FastCaps 110º  –  $[php snippet=22 param=”var1=FC-AXI-110015″] each
T FC-AXI-110015 Green
U FC-AXI-11002 Yellow
V FC-AXI-11003 Blue
W FC-AXI-11004 Red
X FC-AXI-11005 Brown
Y FC-AXI-11006 Grey


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