Quick TeeJet 25608-9-PP

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Quick TeeJet 25608-9-PP Cap & Seat Gasket Set
  • (Not exactly as shown.)
  • The 25608-9-PP polypropylene cap is rated at 150 PSI and is available only in gray.
    For use with TeeJet Flat Spray Tips:
  • ♦ TK FloodJet®
  • ♦ FL FullJet®
  • ♦ TX ConeJet®
  • ♦ TG Full Cone
  • ♦ Hose Shank

♦ AITXA ConeJet

The Quick TeeJet caps are designed with grooves that fit locating lugs on the nozzle body. Caps are made of Nylon and are available for use with all TeeJet spray tips. Maximum operation pressure is 500 PSI.


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